Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding bells and wiggly worms

Since I last posted my brother got married!! The wedding went really great and the Bride and Groom could not wait for the wedding to be over and their new life to start. They are doing really great! We had a really busy April and I was enjoying the slow down of May... Now onto Summer time!
at the rehearsal dinner. I made the cake and it was really cute if I do say so myself. :)

 Wedding Photos

The triplets walking down the isle well kinda

I made those too. Yeah I'm that awesome!

 Mother's Day 2013

Rose's favorite toy Grandma Charlotte bought it for them while they were here!

Daven loves to climb Nana's tree

Lucy loves to make more  work for Papa by blowing all the dandelions

Amber and Adam have a new member to their family Camo! The kids have a love/hate relationship with him...he is still a puppy and likes to bite but he has been a lot of fun!
They were hiding from me and I found them

Blanket fort!

Out at Shepherd lake for the day fishing with Adam and Papa

This was just before Lucy took a turn on the fishing pole and accidentally threw it into the water. Luckily Papa fished it out for him with his pole.

Worm Painting

They didn't squirm well but the kids had fun

well... 2 of the kids Rose was grossed out

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