Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And I'm Walking!... Kinda

It has been a pretty good week so far. Lucy is getting to far with her walking. We took pictures of it yesterday. I am so excited for her, and she is getting excited for herself too.On Saturday We went Prom dress shopping for Austin. She tried on what seemed to be a ton of dresses before finding the one we all loved the most. Doesn't she look great! What a beautiful dress.
There is not a whole lot else going on we are getting over colds in our house. We had another round of pink eye roll through the house. Austin and my Dad both got it, my Dad got it really bad. I am getting excited for my Mothers of Multiples Convention that I am going to at the end of April, I will really miss my kids and family, but I am so excited.

Project 365
March 21, 2011
- a picture from each kid after eating a nutella sandwich-


Rosalee... barely a spot on her!

March 20, 2011
Lucy reading a magazine and watching Barney with her Daddy... she is a great multi-tasker.

March 19, 2011
Look at her shirt... yes that would be my soda all over her shirt! Isn't she fun?

March 18, 2011
Hi Daddy, Hi Lucy, Hi Lucy's Belly

March 17, 2011
Just a cute upclose photo of Rosalee

March 16, 2011
Everyone piled into the laundry basket.

March 15, 2011
Daven's signature "I don't know" hand gesture... he cracks us up.

March 14, 2011
We bought some bubbles this week the kids LOVE them. Especially Lucy.

Rosalee the picture ham.

Caught a quick picture of the kids being naughty, getting into a drawer in the kitchen.

March 13, 2011
Lucy, you are adorable gotta love that smile!

March 12, 2011
Daven are you supposed to be in the coffee table?

March 11, 2011
Is this a 2 seater ride?

March 10, 2011
The girls playing on the chair together.

March 9, 2011
Lucy I thought I said NOT to get into the kitchen drawer?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Scrapbooking Time

I am so excited that I have had the chance to do some scrap booking while the kids are asleep. I just wanted to share with you about a really hard time in my life that I am so thankful turned out to be an amazing answer to prayer and I thank the Lord for my baby boy every day. He is so precious to me!

If you click on it it expands to be bigger, you can't really read what I wrote in short Daven was sent to the Sacred Heart Peds ICU because he had Strep B Meningitis, which is a really serious and can be deadly disease that often times is not treated soon enough. Praise the Lord he recovered with NO effects of the disease what so ever.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to Life

I am so glad that my house is getting back to normal. Daven got pink eye but is doing much better. Sommer's birthday was last Thursday so we are taking a group of her friends to the Northtown Mall for the evening on Friday. She is really excited about that.

We finally put on our cabinet locks on our kitchen doors. I have noticed that kids are getting a little tired of just the living room. ( if anyone has ever been to our house there are a series of gates from one room to another. Now we just gated off the table area so they have the whole kitchen to roam too which they are really enjoying. There are some pictures showing that.

Rosalee has learned a new word this week UH OHHH. I taught it to her. She is pretty cute when she says it. But until yesterday she only says it when prompted and most of the time it turns out more like UH UH OHHHHH. So funny. Yesterday at the dinner table Daven tossed is bowl on the floor it was really loud so everyone turned to him and was quiet. Then all of a sudden Rose said UH OH, perfect timing. That was the first time she said that in the correct context. We could not stop laughing for a long time. She was laughing with us she seemed pretty proud of herself.

Project 365
March 8, 2011Both of the girls have been putting hats on and off all week. This photo is of Rosalee with Daven's hat on.

March 7, 2011
Rosalee playing in one of the only drawers they are allowed to be in. They constantly have the drawers open I do not know how many times a day I close those stupid things. I swear Daven will go into the kitchen JUST to open those stinking drawers. lol

March 6, 2011
Rosalee helping mommy cook.

March 5, 2011
Daven showing off his new jammies.

March 4, 2011

Daddy and Daven, poor Daven with pink eye in both eyes. :(

March 3, 2011
We are big kids now.. we eat at the table with bowls with the family. We are still working on the spoon and fork thing.

March 2, 2011
We had a little party for Sommer the day before her birthday I made some chocolate cupcakes and as you can see Rosalee LOVED them!

March 1, 2011
Lucy's new love is putting things inside of other things. did you notice the tongue sticking out? That's her concentrated look :)

February 28, 2011
Hi cute girl!

February 27, 2011
We love our hard hats!

February 26, 2011
Rosie in the tunnel, hi sweetie

February 25, 2011
Lucy girl looking cute!