Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Birth of Christ and the Rising of Christ too!

I lost my Christmas photos till this last week so I couldn't post them... sorry about that. We all are doing great.

December was good I tried my darnedest to show my kids the real meaning of Christmas but that dang Santa is so enticing. We had a really good Christmas watching the kids open their gifts and get so excited was so much fun!

January we had a lot of snow that the kids had fun playing in. The month seemed to just fly by.

February I worked the whole month at my old work before I had the triplets working with my bestie Lindsey. I missed my kids a lot but it was nice to have a little breather to get through the rest of the winter. It gets hard to be stuck inside with toddlers all day in the winter! I am so thankful for my "Lifer Moms" group and great friends at church every week and my other bestie Lori and our play date with our kids at least once a week. I do not know how I could get through the week without my awesome friends! oh and McDonals my kids just love the play place there... sometimes all I get is a $1.00 soda :)

March I got another bout of strep throat that kicked my but (like it does every year) and I have had a
couple of colds since. I am not usually sick so it has been a little bit of a pain in the butt.We are all getting excited for Adam's wedding it is coming up quick! Besides that we are having some nice sunny days here are LOVING IT!

First Snow


Daven throwing snow balls

and Rose got it right  in the face.
He just told me "Mom my glubs are wet I need new glubs"

Making Christmas trees out of ice cream cones

Lucy being very meticulous

she likes the globing method
and he just likes to eat it!

Making Christmas Sugar Cookies

I love that tongue

Christmas Eve

I gotta at least try and do a group photo dang it some day I will make this happen! the way I want it to.

cousin Rylie helped Rose open her gifts

Rose wanted to help Lucy open hers


Christmas Morning!

Daven finally got his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!!

they love doing everything together

shooting his new snake with his obnoxious gun.

the girls' new double bunk baby bed, she is putting her baby to sleep

papa got him a toy air compressor and yes it is obnoxious too :)

Playing tea party. I actually put water in there and yes my carpet was really wet for a few hours but it was worth it they had a blast for a long time.

Three 3 Year Olds

They all got MobGo 's for their birthday they love them.

Lucy loves to cuddle

and again I tried to do a birthday photo-op with a no go from them all!!! ugh toddlers

hi buddie
Miss bossy at her finest... he was not doing it right

She looks just like mommy drinking a soda pushing a stroller with a couple of babies. lol

Happy 16th Birthday Sommer

they did this all on their own!

Our New Swing Set - Thanks Hardy's!

I love that outfit!

painting crosses with marshmallows and paint

Rosalee refused to paint with marshmallows... she said no mom they are not paintbrushes and threw a huge fit which I rewarded with a long time out. When she was done she decided to paint with a brush but was still mad about the whole thing.

Sommer took this photo so cute! she loves bubbles.

his favorite way to swing they have been putting towels on their backs and flying on the swings pretending to be super kids! or as Lucy says "I'm super lady"

Dying Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt at Church

Easter Baskets - and Bikes

super excited about her chocolate bunny

Egg Hunt and Nana and Papa's

I did have a them all in super cute outfits for church but they were the dresses for the wedding and i didn't want to get them dirty... which was a good idea just by looking at her face.

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