Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long, long, long overdue!

Hi all! I know it has been a long long long time but I wanted to share some photos with you. The kids are ding great. We have unfortunately have been sick with one thing or another since before Christmas but we are getting better little by little. The kids have grown up so much I still can't believe they are already 2 years old. and let me tell you they have been acting like they are 2 since that day! Daven and Lucy have figured out how to cling out of their cribs so much debate we decided to get crib tents (photo to come soon). So far they are not loving them completely but they work well... that's all that matters I guess I hope they get used to them soon.

I do not have all my photos on my lap top right now so I'll just post what I have for now...

Christmas Eve Service 

Christmas Eve with The Skellenger Family 2011

one of the only photos I'm in so I thought I should add it.
The kids each got a magnadoodle it was and is their favorite toy.

One of his favorite toys his Cabelas truck

Opening a gift with Daddy

Friday before Christmas 
- We made Tamales for Christmas this year!

The kids snuggling with Daddy more often than not they all want to be on your lap.

Our Tree notice there are only ornament the top 1/3 up the tree... and the gate around the tree (more to protect the presents)

 Lucy looking beautiful

Lucy and Rose just got done playing with that scarf they each had an end and were running each other back and forth through the house.
Lucy and Mommy
still all love to sit on the same little couch
Rosalee loves her Elmo

November 17th - First real snow fall of the year... little did we know we didn't get more snow till the middle of January
I want to do this photo of the kids like the one I did last year every year. Look how much they have changed!

We got small pumpkins this year and didn't carve them out I though lets glitter them!
Rosalee's pumpkin
Lucy's pumpkin she loved the project the most.

Daven's pumpkin
Lucy's new love... BLOCKS she made this tower on her own.
The kids on Halloween
October 24 - Sommer doing her solo she did great!
Seattle Trip and Leavenworth
On the drive to Leavenworth was so so gorgeous the photos do not do it justice!

The kids loving Leavenworth

You can't go to Seattle without visiting Pikes!

We all went to the Spaceneedle!
Daven loved to run around outside on the top of the needle
The only photo of the two of us we got and there was still a kid in the photo!
Lucy loving the fresh air

Austin and Lucy wating to go up on the elevator to the spaceneedle
On the Monorail notice the lady staring at us. I swear there are a TON of people that took photos of my children on vacation it was like a side show of freaks I tell you... Well maybe a side show of cuteness. But seriously you have no idea how many people were taking photos of my kids... weird!
Daddy and the kids

a few misc. photos.

We found out at the end of October how much Lucy loves to color