Thursday, August 16, 2012


I admit it I am not a perfect mom... so i took the kids to McDonald's this week everything fine I just got the food and dishing it out, Daven was standing on a chair and all of a sudden says "uh oh mommy"... I look over and liquid it all over the chair... I thought what just happened??? He PEED all over...??? I looked in his pants and nope no diaper... mind you we are not actively potty training and have never put him in anything other than a diaper... where did his diaper go you may ask??? I have no clue! So I left Austin and Sommer with the girls and rushed him to the car (this is one of those days that I am blessed to have them around!). I set him down and searched for pants... diaper.... ANYTHING.... but of course have nothing... so back on go the pee pee pants so we can get the kids out of the play place without showing the world his naked butt... luckily when we went back in one of my friends sister in law (who I have met twice) was there and I knew her son was similar age told her a little of the situation and begged her for a diaper luckily she was prepared! Gathered the girls and off we went... must have been tiresome because he fell asleep within minutes in the car. I cannot believe that happened... how do you just loose a DIAPER ? how does that happen??? only my life i swear...

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