Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Time Fun

So life has just gone by so quickly... In early May my Grandparents made a quick visit to Idaho which was really nice seeing them, and at the end of May Austin graduated from high school. Since then we have had a good summer as a family. 

The kids are growing up so quickly and are fun to watch. 

Daven is such a crack up but that attitude can definitely get him in trouble... His newest backtalk phrase is "don't talk to me" I have no clue how he has obtained this phrase but it is not one of my favorites, although this week he has been catching himself saying it mid sentence, stops, smiles, and says hi mom (like I am so cute aren't I?). It's hard not to smile back at him. I do love his singing though, you know he has multiple songs he know by heart?... I love you - Barney song, twinkle twinkle little star ( which is really funny because he likes to yell the song and sometimes when he is mad and yelling he will forget what he is yelling about and sing twinkle twinkle little star... priceless), Jesus loves me, mickey mouse club house, BINGO, and is really close to the ABC song. I am amazed at how quickly he learns things just by hearing them a couple times. He is currently in LOVE with "Buzz light year to infinity and beyond"! I found a small one at a thrift store that has the wings popped out  he hardly does anything without that Buzz in his hand. we lost it for a few days and that was miserable... just to find it in the most random spot under the seat of his four-wheeler.. He likes to play tricks on me and puts a fake ant (which he thinks is a spider) on my leg... when I don't respond he says mom mom MOOOOOMMMM look spider aaaahhhh!

Rosalee she is too funny her sinister smile is just too cute, she is the most stubborn little thing she has her own agenda always. she is a great talker she will repeat EVERYTHING you say. until recently she has the most crazy hair, I finally had to get it professionally cut because she looked like a homeless person most of the time lol. She is the first person to tell you that she's "c.w.r.a.z.y" she loves the movie tangled or how she puts it "punzel" you know it took me quite a while to figure out what she was trying to tell me, Austin finally figured it out. and she lovves Max and Ruby she calls is "max and Rubies". She will tell you " I'm scared" of everything! If Daven shows her his "spider" or you give her something and she doesn't know what it is.  She wants EVERYTHING BIG : strawberries, chips, bites of food, everything be cause "I BIG" . She loves to go faster, higher, longer than anyone else. She has the cutest little squeaky voice when she is talking to one of her babies. She loves to chase her siblings around the house an in the yard.

Lucy She is so cute, she has always been a late bloomer compared to her siblings but thats ok she has been talking great and loves to parrot everything you say. She is the most strong willed stubborn Girl I know.She has nicknames fro everyone. Daven is Bro-Bro or Day-Day, Rosie  is Ro-Ro, Sommer is Mo, and Austin is Austy. Her favorite response is Noo-uh! She'll do anything for icecream. She will take for-e-ver to eat a meal. She will pick at everything for a half an hour and when you take her plate away when you think she's finished all hell brakes loose. She is a slight perfectionist and doesn't have a concept of time she just enjoys whatever she is doing coloring, painting, playing with her dolls. She is always ready to give you her super model smile.

We love Bubbles

Decorating Cookies they may have been distracted and ate them before they decorated them.

I have been going on pinterest a lot lately and have found a sidewalk chalk paint recipe the kids LOVE it they could be out there for an hour playing with it.

Camping 2012
papa made a swing in the woods!

Daven and his beloved bubbles!
 Gopher hunting!

love the bubble gun in his other hand

Daven and Melissa watching the Coolin days parade

Rose at the Parade
Austin's Graduation


Our new love PLAYDOUGH

The Beloved Buzz Light Year to infinity and beyond

Rose showing her belly

painting she loves to paint!

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