Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just a little Fun!

We have had a much better week this week no one is sick and everyone is happy! I love happy kids.

I finally finished my scrapbook page I stared a couple weeks ago I am happy with it I think it turned so cute.

Project 365

P365 (July 22nd, 2010)Lucy: they are finally starting to hold their own bottles up, it is so fun watching them grow.

P365 (July 21st, 2010) Daven figured out how to "move" in his walker this week he is everywhere.

P365 (July 20th, 2010)
Rosalee (right) and Lucy (left) sporting their NEW ORLEANS SAINTS outfits, we went and had lunch with Daddy and his friend Chip for lunch today so I thought he might like his girls in his favorite outfit!

I took this video the other day and wanted to share it, Rosalee loves her bouncy she can really get that thing going!

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