Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend 2010

P365 (July 7th, 2010)Rosalee giving mommy a smile

P3655 (July 6th, 2010)

Daven loves to be goofy!

P365 (July 4th, 2020)
we went camping again this last weekend it was pretty rough weather so the slightest break we got papa wanted to take the kids out on a Tryx ride, They had a lot of fun!

P365 (July 3rd 2010)
Lucy was in the trailer with My mom and I while I was cooking she thought that the spinning Elmo head was pretty fun I caught her in the act so she gave me a startled face.

4th of July Kiddie ParadeDaven Looking handsome as ever

Rosalee giving the camera her best "fishy face"

Lucy smiling as usual... she got what she wanted out of the stroller and into Austin's arms

P365 (July 2nd 2010)
4th of July Kiddie Parade we were all decked out and had lots of fun!

P365 (July 1, 2010)

we got our "Babylegs" in today daddy does not like Daven's he actually forbid them ??? sad day

On Saturday Rosie got so sick she threw up and was so tired lie a limp dolly she looked so pittiful I hate seeing sick kids like that. She is feeling better today though luckily I was hoping that none of the kids would have gotten the bug that we all have, I hope that it ends with her and her siblings don't get it. 3 sick kids in one week does not sound like fun expecially since Austin and Sommer are with their mom for the next couple of weeks. :(

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