Monday, March 26, 2012

Christmas and beyond

I know it's been a while and going through all of these photos wow a lot of goofy things have happened the last few weeks. I am sure you will get a kick out of the stories I have to tell you. We have all been doing great. We had a pretty bad four weeks after Christmas that at least one of the kids or myself were sick. I ended up getting Step throat for the kids' birthday party, I am surprised how well I look in the photos because I felt like death by the end of the party. 

I started to go to my Churches "Lifer Moms" group it's kinda like "MOPS" but anyone can join it has been great! I really needed some interaction wit other Moms during the day. The kids have enjoyed going to church too. Daven was having a problem hitting other kids one day and got pulled out of nursery but I think we all have a handle on it now. Thank goodness because I really love having that time every Tuesday. 

Austin is really getting excited to finish her High School career and only has a few weeks left. She is heading up the Prom committee and has her Grandma and I helping with the decorations and Lindsey and I are doing the photography which is currently keeping us busy. 

I will be going to my Mother's of Multiples Convention in Seattle at the end of next month which I am super excited about. As the President this year I have made a valiant effort to raise more money so that we can pay for more moms to go and it worked! we are able to send 6 moms to Convention this year! and in closing I was crowned Mother of the Year in my Multiples group, I was so touched by everyone and Excited about getting the opportunity to hold the title!

Colored Rice (sand box)

I colored rice for the kids to play in they had so much fun.

Playing in the SNOW!!

We made a snow man... a little one

I thought the kids would have fun playing with beans... putting them into different containers back and forth which they did except that while I was cleaning up the floor when they were done I noticed Lucy still at the table picking at her nose. She had put a bean up there... I got the one out OK and noticed that there was another one up there so I plugged her nose and mouth and made her shoot it out like a (for lack of better terms) "snot rocket" few good I didn't see anymore till a few minutes later I thought I should look one more time and sure enough there was another one! Did the same thing and luckily it came out pretty easy too. Needless to say I was looking up her nose for hours making sure I got them all. Leave it to Lucy to pull a stunt like that!
Sommer's Cupcakes I made for her Birthday this year, they turned out really cute!

Playing with marshmallows and spaghetti
 the kids would rather me just give them marshmallows I think...

Daddy and Lucy

Rosalee looking beautiful.... I love that smile and blue eyes!
I have been taking a "Fun Mom" class at my "lifer Mom's " group on Tuesdays. (If you are a stay at home Mom and are looking for an outlet this is a great one Child care is provided!!) At my class they taught us to make slime! The first time I brought it out Daven wouldn't even touch it said it was yucky, Rose took at little bit of getting used to and said it was yucky and cold but eventually thought it was fun, Lucy loved it so much she screamed when I told her it was time to put it up.

Look at those faces... don't they look innocent to you??? Yeah right! Mom left the kitchen with the eggs too close to the edge of the counter. When I came back to the kitchen not 3 minutes later this is what I saw... and hmmm Lucy still has one in her hand!!! What a mess that was to clean up!

Daven watching Toy Story, one of his new favorite things to watch

Rosie and Lucy thought that all of their stuffed animals needed diapers too... needless to say I had to hide the diapers!!!

Stacking veggie cans in the kitchen surprisingly fun for a good half hour!!!

Enjoying some pudding through a straw
Sssshh we're hiding!!

Sisters playing together

We rescued 2 wiener dogs in February, The black one is Calvin the brown one is Hobbs. The only problem is the kids love them to death... They are pretty even tempered dogs and love to be around the kids. i just wish they would stop peeing on in my house!!!

Playing in the Snow

Lucy LOVES to eat snow

Rose thinks snow is... cold lol anytime she touches it she says ooo COLD

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Daven got matchbox cars for his road rug we got him
Rosalee got a Rapunzel doll

Lucy got an Ariel doll

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
My Minnie and Mickey Mouse cupcakes I made

Blowing out the candles

Christmas Day @ Nana and Papa's
Nana helping Lucy open her gift
Daven pulling Rose in his new wagon
Rosalee and Austin cuddling under the blanket Nana made for Austin
I got Slippers!!!

Christmas Morning 
Lucy opening her Santa gift

look Dad CARS Jammie's!!!
Rosalee with all the stockings
Mom and Daven looking at the Cars look and find book

Lucy showing Mommy her Minnie Mouse shirt

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